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Uni-assist – who are we?


uni-assist, the University Application Service for International Students – was founded in November 2003 as an association of German universities and universities of applied sciences, the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Its foremost aim is to create an admissions procedure for international applicants that is easier, more efficient, better value for money and more customer-friendly. Uni-assist helps foreign applicants to apply to any number of universities in a standardised procedure.

uni-assist is financed by application fees, donations and subsidies. Initial funding was granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). uni-assist does not charge membership fees to any affiliated institutions. Its Articles of Association state that uni-assist does not pursue any commercial goals - any fees charged for using the uni-assist service correspond to actual costs incurred by the company. The Articles of Association also regulate that, in line with stipulations made at member conferences, uni-assist reinvest any surpluses for further application-related activity. The member universities decide whether applicants have to pay a processing fee or whether the university will bear the processing costs itself.

Currently uni-assist has 125 state-approved member universities. uni-assist also processes an increasing number of Master's degree applications for many of its member universities, and in some cases processes applications for Master's degrees from both international and German applicants.


What exactly does uni-assist do?


uni-assist is entrusted by its member universities with the formal pre-check of foreign student applications:

  • uni-assist documents all relevant application data.
  • uni-assist checks whether foreign qualifications meet the requirements of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZaB) and if they are sufficient for admission to a German university.
  • uni-assist converts foreign grades into their German equivalents.
  • uni-assist checks language skills and other course-specific requirements made by the universities.
  • all applications that meet the general admission requirements are forwarded electronically to the universities. They are then processed in the universities' individual admissions procedures.


Uni-assist is generally open to all German universities!

More than 120 universities from all 16 Bundesländer (states/counties) in Germany are currently associated with uni-assist. 

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