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As an international applicant, you have to send your application to uni-assist if

  • your chosen university is a member of uni-assist;
  • you have acquired a university entrance qualification abroad, e.g. High School Diploma, A-Levels, Baccalaureat or similar;
  • you have only studied abroad before now;
  • you have acquired a university qualification abroad (despite having completed the German Abitur) and are now applying to take a Masters degree in Germany;
  • (for both German and foreign applicants) you are applying to take a particular [Master's] degree and uni-assist is essentially responsible for processing your application.

uni-assist is generally not responsible for international student applicants who

  • have acquired a university entrance qualification in Germany (Abitur);
  • have acquired a German university entrance qualification at a German school abroad;
  • have already successfully completed tertiary studies in Germany and on that basis are applying for eligibility to study your desired degree course;*
  • would like to apply for exchange programmes between their home university and a partner university in Germany;
  • are applying for special courses generally excluded from the uni-assist procedure, like PhD programmes or certain Masters degrees (detailed information on such exceptions can be found on university web sites). In this case, applications should be sent directly to the university.
  • are coming to Germany from another EU country (or Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and who are applying for subjects with restricted admission that are the responsibility of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (former ZVS) – in this case, applications should be sent to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung in Dortmund

* = If your secondary school certificate alone qualifies you for admission to a German university, you still have to apply through uni-assist, even if by now you are applying to take your second degree.  If, however, your first degree certificate is the certificate that qualifies you to begin another degree, you will be treated as a native German student for application purposes and therefore must apply directly to your chosen university.


In general, the nationality of applicants is not important. However, some universities have special regulations for German citizens who have obtained their university entrance qualification or university degree abroad. Please also note that some universities exclude certain courses and/or applicant groups from the uni-assist-procedure. In this case, please send your application directly to the respective university!

Detailed information on such exceptions can be found on university web sites.

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