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Application form


When applying for admission to a university, you need an "Application Form for Admission to Studies for Foreign Applicants", which you have to fill in completely and send together with the rest of your application documents to uni-assist. Don't forget to sign the form! If you choose to apply more than once, you must send a fully-filled form each time.

However, there are different kinds of application forms:

  1. There is a general application form - "Application Form for Admission to Studies for Foreign Applicants" - that is usually accepted by most universities. You can use uni-assist's online application service to fill out this form on your computer, print it out and save it permanently to disk for future use/reference. The application form can be download from our web site, the web site of your chosen university, or the website of the DAAD (www.daad.de).
  2. Some universities have application forms of their own and do not accept any other application forms. Therefore, download the application form from the web site of the chosen university, if possible.  If you are unable to download the form, please ask the university to send you a copy by post.  Please follow all instructions of the university relating to the application procedure.
  3. If you choose to apply for admission to two or more universities, please use a separate application form for each university. All other application documents need to be submitted only once!  Please note, however, that these documents must be authenticated in a way recognized by the universities you are applying to.  Any additional documents required by particular universities (or for particular study courses) can simply be sent together with the rest of your application documents.


When filling in your application form please always include, if possible, your e-mail address, so that we can get in touch with you to clarify any remaining questions. If you do not live close to Germany, a correspondence address in Germany would also be rather useful – long postal deliveries could be avoided and we could get in touch with you more quickly! Maybe you have friends or relatives living in Germany whose address you could use?

If you also wish to apply for admission to universities that are not members of uni-assist or do not use the uni-assist procedure as far as your desired study course is concerned, please send your applications directly to those universities!


In our application checklist database you will find information on the respective application forms required by uni-assist's member universities.

On the INOBIS website you will find a completed sample application form reminding you of what to take care over when filling out your own application form.

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