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Which benefits does a uni-assist membership have for universities?


Uni-assist eases their workload: The universities entrust uni-assist with administrative tasks and thus have more capacities to focus on the essential tasks: choosing correctly qualified candidates, improved mentoring of foreign applicants and students.

Know-how: Uni-assist's staff have a profound knowledge of university administration issues and they specialize respectively in the education systems of specific countries.  In this way, uni-assist has the full range of know-how needed for evaluating foreign qualifications from other world countries.

Flexible procedure: uni-assist has developed a highly complex, service-oriented and dynamic procedure that focuses on the universities’ respective individual needs and efficiently supports their admissions procedures. On demand, uni-assist develops software solutions tailored for, e.g., processing Master's degree applications, specific online applications or modules for keeping applicants updated with important information.

Coordination procedure: Along with its member universities, uni-assist has developed a coordination and clearing procedure that helps the universities to fill all their places considering the large number of multiple applications received.

Service: uni-assists guarantees that all applications are forwarded to the universities two weeks after the application deadline at the latest. uni-assist caters to the individual demands of the universities. Staff are in close contact with their colleagues at the universities and work in tandem with them.

Autonomy: uni-assist does not assume any public authority; universities alone can make decisions on admission.  Any doubtful cases or complaints that cannot be settled are forwarded on to the universities, where a final decision is made.

Security: uni-assist's checking procedure is subject to strict data protection regulations. When evaluating qualifications, uni-assist adheres strictly to the stipulations of the KMK ('Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany'). uni-assist works closely with the Academic Evaluation Centres maintained in some Asian countries by the Federal Foreign Office. uni-assist also manages a central fraud register for all German universities.

Information: After every admissions cycle uni-assist provides the universities with detailed statistical data. The universities can thus gain valuable insight into the applicants’ choice of universities, average marks and the reasons why applications fail. The annual uni-assist members' conference provides a panel for exchange of information with uni-assist's staff and with colleagues from other universities. Uni-assist also holds workshops on various topics dealing with the admission of foreign students.


How do prospective international students benefit from using the uni-assist service?


Foreign study applicants also benefit from the services of uni-assist. uni-assist’s main advantage for applicants is that it offers them a centralized service for over one hundred German universities. Further advantages of applying through uni-assist are:

Cost-effectiveness: Just one single set of certified documents is needed for any number of applications to uni-assist member universities. Additional applications only cost a fraction of the fees some non-member universities charge. Thus making multiple applications to member universities is comparatively cheaper than applying to non-member universities that charge at their own rates.

Saving time: With uni-assist's written confirmation that an application has been forwarded to the applicant's chosen university (or universities), the applicant can then immediately apply for a visa at his/her local German Embassy or Consulate.

Maximum chances: uni-assist allows an unlimited number of applications to be made to member universities. This increases the chances that applicants have of obtaining a place at a university. uni-assist’s clearing procedure gives applicants a second chance if they do not obtain a place in the first round of admissions.

Quick to help: All applicants are promptly informed of formal mistakes or missing documents in their application(s), and can correct their application(s) before the deadline.

Transparency: With its online application checklist and information gateway (see www.inobis.de), uni-assist has built up a central and comprehensive information portal for international study applicants and prospective applicants. Uni-assist's online system allows applicants to track the status of their application(s) at any time.

Service: uni-assist has a service desk that is open every weekday to those applying to uni-assist member universities, as well as a phone and email hotline.

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