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What is the uni-assist clearing procedure?

The clearing procedure is a service of uni-assist, where we offer the universities a tool to find suitable candidates for free study places.

For the clearing procedure, your personal information will be stored in a database to which all uni-assist member universities, that still have free places, have access. The universities are able to see your name, your address, your country of origin, the study programmes you had applied for and the result of our processing - which includes your type of admission qualification, your certificates, your grade, your language skills and so on.

If a university has free places for a certain study programme, they can request a list of applicants that have applied for this study programme. With this list, they will be able to look for suitable candidates and contact them directly to organise all further steps.

For which study programmes does the clearing procedure exist?

The uni-assist clearing procedure applies for all undergraduate studies. As the requirements for master programmes are very specific, a clearing procedure for master programmes currently doesn't seem to make much sense.

Only universities that still have free places after the end of their regular admission procedure will use the clearing procedure.

Who can participate in the clearing procedure?

All applicants for whom uni-assist stated that they generally possess an admission qualification for German universities and for who uni-assist could forward at least one application to the university of their choice. You can only participate if you have not yet received an admission letter from an university.

What do you have to do to participate?

Applicants that wish to participate in the clearing procedure should wait for uni-assist to send them an email with the offer to participate in the procedure. Then you have to send us an email, declaring that you agree on your personal data to be forwarded to universities that you had not applied for. It is very important to state your application number in this email.

What are the fees for the clearing procedure?

The clearing procedure is part of our service. It is free of charge.

How long will it take to receive an answer from the universities?

In general, the clearing procedure will take two to three weeks. uni-assist has no influence on what universities take part in the clearing procedure and for which study programmes they offer places. It might also happen that you participate in the procedure but are not offered a study place as there are no free places left.

uni-assist will not send an extra reply to the participants of the clearing procedure.

Does it improve your chances if you send the participation email several times?

No. Every candidate will only be put on the database once.

What exacly does uni-assist do in the clearing procedure?

uni-assist starts the procedure and supplies the database and technical backup for the universities. uni-assist contacts the applicants to offer the choice to participate in the procedure. All candidates that declare their agreement with their data to be shared will be put on the database by uni-assist. Beyond that, uni-assist does not play any active role in the clearing procedure.

How long does uni-assist save the clearing data?

The old data set will be removed before the start of the next clearing procedure.

Will uni-assist process the applications again specifically for the clearing procedure?

No, uni-assist will not process applications again or note down additional study choices or preferred universities. The universities that contact applicants in the clearing procedure will be able to see all information regarding the original applications. If necessary, they can enter the data manually into their own system. Everything else will be arranged between the university and the person they contacted – e.g. handing in of application forms or language certificates that were obtained in the meantime.

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