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As of 01 May 2011 the following application fees apply:


For one or the first of several applications citizens of countries outside the EU
(including citizens of the People’s Republic of China) are charged

68 euros
Citizens of EU member states are charged 43 euros
For every additional application for admission to a further university all applicants are charged per university 15 euros


Particularities with multiple applications


  • Processing fees are always based on the number of universities and the number of terms you apply for. If, within the same semester, you want to apply for more than one university, please transfer 15 € extra for each additional university.
  • If you want to re-apply at a later point in time, for example for the following semester, you have to transfer 68 € again for the first University (EU: 43 €) and 15 € for each individual university. The reason you have to pay the full processing fee again is because your application has to be pre-checked anew. New certificates that you might have acquired in the meantime will have to be pre-checked again. And even if you have not made any changes to your application documents, uni-assist has to determine whether or not you comply with the application requirements of the university of your choice - and these requirements can differ from semester to semester.
  • If you want to apply for two semesters at different universities at the same time, please transfer the 68 € (EU: 43 €) for the first university of your choice twice and add an extra 15 € for each additional university.  So for example:

University/semester Citizens of countries outside the EU EU-applicant
university X for the winter term 68 € 43 €
university Y for the winter term 15 € 15 €
university X for the summer term 68 € 43 €
university Y for the summer term 15 € 15 €
Total: 166 € 116 €


If you are transferring money from abroad and your bank charges you a banking fee, please make sure that you add the amount of the fee to your payment.
Please note that money transfers usually take a certain amount of time, and be sure to provide enough time for the transfer such that your payment is booked to our account before the end of the application period. We can only forward your application(s) to your chosen university/ies when the full payment has gone through!


For detailed information on money transfer please click here.

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