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Gather information at the chosen university


There are number of questions you should definitely clear up before sending your application to uni-assist:


Please make sure that the university of your choice is indeed a member of uni-assist and does take part in the uni-assist procedure.

Please note that some universities generally do participate in the uni-assist procedure, but exclude some courses or applicant groups from it. In such cases you have to send your application directly to the university and not to uni-assist! Applications sent to uni-assist by mistake can neither be processed nor sent to the chosen university! If you send us details of a German bank account, we will transfer part of your processing fee back to the account. Please note that we will have to keep 10 Euros for each semester you have applied for in order to cover the administrative expenses caused by your application. Uni-assist cannot transfer money to foreign bank accounts. If you do not have a credit card account or regular bank account in Germany, we will keep your payment for you in our account. You can then use it for further applications or ask us to transfer it to a German bank account at a later point in time.


Which kind of application form and which documents and academic records (curriculum vitae, school, university and language certificates etc.) are required for admission, and in which form do they have to be submitted?

There are special requirements for certain courses of study. All application documents required by your chosen university must be sent to uni-assist in authenticated form!


Please also be aware of the application deadlines set by universities!

There are different application deadlines for different universities – and also different deadlines for different courses at the same university. You should apply as early as possible in order to be able to complete your application on time if some documents are missing.
PLEASE NOTE that the official date of receipt is the day on which your application documents have all been received. At the latest, the processing fee has to be booked to uni-assist's account as a rule one week after the application deadline!


It is the prerogative of universities to give students advice!

The International Offices of the universities will gladly inform you about the study programmes offered at their universities and about their admission criteria. Uni-assist is only responsible for answering questions concerning the application procedure.


Some general information on studying in Germany can be found online:

  • Application checklist - here you will find information on all necessary application documents, types of authentication and submission deadlines.
  • www.daad.de - the official website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
  • www.hochschulkompass.de - database set up by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK - 'The Voice of the Universities') summarizing courses offered by German universities.
  • Certficate database - here you will find information on how the school leaving certificates of foreign countries (currently seventeen) are evaluated in Germany.
  • www.anabin.de - (German only) here you will find, sorted according to countries, more information on the assessment of international academic records, e.g. which certificates qualify for admission to a German university.
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