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Here we want to point out the most important facts:


  • Information on courses offered and requirements for admission can only be given by universities!
    uni-assist answers only questions regarding the application procedure!
  • Only universities can decide about admission.
    – uni-assist only checks whether general requirements for admission are fulfilled. In case of a positive result, uni-assist informs the chosen university and forward the application electronically. Finally, the university considers the application again, using its own additional criteria, and decides whether the candidate will be admitted or not.
  • uni-assist can only forward complete and paid applications!
    Nevertheless, if some documents are missing, we will try to inform you as soon as possible, so that you can complete your application within the application deadline. If you are not able to submit the missing documents before the deadline, you will need to reapply for the next semester or year and make another full payment when doing so. However, if you reapply within a year, you will only have to send us a new application form and the missing documents. If you do not reapply within the year, we will need a whole set of application documents again!
    In either case, please make sure that you quote your previous application reference number.  If you have changed address between applying, please include your previous address.  This will help us to retrieve your documents and process your new application more quickly.
  • With a letter from uni-assist confirming that your application has been forwarded to your chosen university, you can apply for a study applicant's visa at a German Embassy or German Consulate in your home country. However, the letter does not grant a legal claim for the issuance of a visa.
  • Your processing fee covers a single processing of your application(s) only.
    If you choose to apply again at a later point in time, you will have to pay the full processing fee again because in this case your application will have to be pre-checked again. New certificates that you might have acquired in the meantime have to be pre-checked completely. And even if you have not made any changes to your application documents, uni-assist has to determine whether you comply with the application requirements of the university of your choice - and these requirements can differ from semester to semester.
  • You will need one application form per university, but only ever one set of documents.
    Even if you choose to apply to several universities, we only need one copy of each application document. Please note, however, that your documents have to be authenticated in a form recognised and accepted by the universities that you are applying to. If particular universities (or certain courses of study) require you to submit any additional documents, simply send these together with the rest of your application documents.
  • Generally, uni-assist does not send back any application documents.
    Your documents will be kept for a year and after that destroyed.
  • If you re-apply within a year, you will only have to submit a new application form together with any additional documents that we might need for your new application.
    However, if you re-apply after a year has passed, we will need a whole new set of application documents!
    Either way, please do not forget to quote your old application reference number. If in the meantime you have had a change of address, please quote your previous address as well. This will help us to find your documents and process your new application more quickly.
  • Applications sent to uni-assist by mistake cannot be processed or sent to the chosen university!
    If you send us details of a bank account in Germany, we can transfer part of your processing fee back to your account. Please note that we will have to keep 10 Euros for each semester you have applied for in order to cover the administrative costs incurred due by your application. Uni-assist cannot transfer money to foreign bank accounts. In case you do not have a credit card account or regular bank account in Germany, we will keep your payment in our account for you. You can then use it for further applications or ask us to transfer it to a German bank account at a later date.
  • Your data will be stored electronically for a period of four years.
    After this period they will be deleted. During storage your data will, of course, be protected. Only uni-assist and your chosen university will have access to them!
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