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Money transfer


  • If you transfer the money from a foreign bank, please take into account the international transaction fees charged by the bank. You have to pay the transaction fees as well, since uni-assist can only process your application if the processing fee has been paid completely!
  • If you transfer the money from a German bank, the international transaction fees will not be charged. It is of course possible for your friends and relatives who have a bank account in Germany to transfer the processing fee for you.
  • It is important that the transfer form is filled in completely, legibly and in block letters! If we are unable to assign a payment to an application because some information is missing or it is not legible, the payment cannot be registered and therefore the application will not be processed!
  • Concerning payment, we have another important request: if you are paying for several applicants, please transfer the money separately – one transfer form per applicant! A separate money transfer for each semester would also be rather helpful. Otherwise, a money transfer for several semesters at once could cause problems in the processing!

The bank account details of uni-assist:

Benificiary:                                                       uni-assist e.V.
International bank code IBAN DE62100208900019055272
Name of the bank: HypoVereinsbank
Branch* Filiale Berlin-Charlottenburg
Leibnizstrasse 100
D-10625 Berlin


For the payment description on the transfer form, please give the following information:


  • country of origin
  • your birthday (dd.mm.yyyy)
  • your family name
  • your first name
  • the semester in which you would like to start studying*
  • your uni-assist application number (if you already have one)


*use the following abbreviations: WS for winter semester and SS for summer semester and attach the last two numbers of the year you want to study in, for example SS05 or WS05/06.


So for example, the payment description on the transfer form should look like this:  Mongolei, 12.11.1985, Baatur Iwan, SS05.


You can also pay by credit card (Visa or Master Card)


In both cases please use our credit card form, fill it in completely and legibly and send the original form to uni-assist. Please send the original copy of the form to uni-assist, never a scanned or faxed copy!

IMPORTANT!: This form has to be filled in by the owner of the credit card.

NOTE!: Credit cards issued in the following countries have recently been excluded from non-personal money transfer by the respective credit card companies:


Asia Indonesia and the Philippines
Africa Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt
Eastern Europe Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Balkan States (former Yugoslavia)
Western Europe Great Britain, the Netherlands


Please remember that, since the money transfer will take a certain amount of time, you should leave enough time for the payment to go through to us before the application deadline!

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