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Whenever you send documentation or correspondence to uni-assist, you will receive a message from uni-assist confirming receipt.
If we receive your forms, documents and payment on different days, you will receve a message confirming the receipt of each. We will also send you information on whether your payment has been registered or not (balance of account). If you do not have an e-mail address, we will send all confirmation of receipt to you through the post. If you have not received any such confirmation two weeks after the sending date, please get in touch with us immediately by phone: +49.(0)30.666.44345 or by e-mail: service@uni-assist.de.

As soon as your application documents and your payment have been received, uni-assist will start processing your application.
It usually takes about a month to inform you about the result of the processing. Please note that at peak times (i.e. January and June/July) and at the beginning of a new application term, it may be necessary for you to wait a few weeks for a reply from uni-assist, especially if we are still waiting for the universities to send their new criteria to us.

uni-assist is only able to process applications for the current application term.
However, we will check applications for later semesters for basic omissions, so that you can rectify these in plenty of time. You can only be informed of the result of your application when uni-assist receives the application criteria of the respective universities for the current semester.

With a letter from uni-assist confirming that your application has been forwarded to your chosen university,
you can apply for a study applicant's visa at a German Embassy or German Consulate in your home country. However, the letter does not grant a legal claim for the issuance of a visa.

We will send you the result of your application by e-mail and through the post


  • If your application is complete and meets all requirements, uni-assist will inform you and forward your application to the chosen universities. Important: Only then does the second and deciding stage of the application procedure start, with the university of your choice checking your application and deciding about the admission. The university will then contact you giving you all further information. Please be patient, it can take a while until the whole application procedure is complete and the message from the university reaches you!
  • If you have applied for admission to several universities, uni-assist will forward your applications to those universities whose requirements you have met. If you finally obtain admission to more than one university, you should decide very soon where you would like to study and, if possible, inform the other universities about your decision. In that way, your place at those universities can be given to other applicants. You are always free to decide at which university you would like to study. You are in no way obliged to study at the first university to which you have applied!
  • If your application is incomplete or does not meet all requirements, you will be informed by uni-assist. You can send the missing documents subsequently before the application deadline. Please take into account that in the peak months of January and July several thousand applications arrive at uni-assist – we cannot guarantee that information on missing documents will reach you in time.
  • If it is not possible for you to send the missing documents before the deadline, you can reapply later on – paying the processing fee again. If you reapply within one year, you will need to submit only new application forms and missing documents. However, if there is more than one year since your last application, you have to submit a whole set of application documents again!
  • The processing fee has to be paid again in full if you choose to apply again in a diferent semester, because all dcuments must be checked again; new documents that you may have obtained in the meantime have to be documented and checked by uni-assist. And even if the content of your documents has not changed, uni-assist has to check whether or not your documents fulfil the requirements of your chosen university - and these can differ from semester to semester.


IMPORTANT!: in general, uni-assist does not send back any application documents. So please do not send us any stamped, self-addressed envelopes or international post vouchers!

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