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Send your application to uni-assist


After gathering all required documents and paying the processing fee, send your application to uni-assist. Even if you are applying for admission to several universities of uni-assist, you can put all your application documents in a single envelope.

Please send one application form per university, but only one set of documents, no matter how many universities you are applying to.  Please also note that your documents must be authenticated in a way recognized by the universities you are applying to! Any additional documents requested by certain universities (or for certain study courses) can simply be sent together with the rest of your application documents.

Your set of application documents should contain:

  • Application form(s) (don't forget to sign!)
  • Academic records (authenticated copies of the originals, and of their translations!)
  • A copy of your passport
  • A paying slip or a copy of the transfer form

Please do not include any stamped self-addressed envelopes or international post coupons! Uni-assist generally do not send any documents back.

Please always include your e-mail address, if possible. If you do not live close to Germany, a correspondence address in Germany would also be rather useful – long mail deliveries could be avoided and we could get in touch with you more quickly! Maybe you have friends or relatives living in Germany whose address you could use?


Please send your application to the following address:


Name of the university
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststrasse 5
10829 Berlin Germany


If you choose to re-apply:


  1. Please give us your old application number.  If you have had a change of address in the meantime, please give us your previous address as well.  We can then find your documents and process your new application more quickly. You can find information on application deadlines on university web sites. Please pay attention to different application deadlines for different universities. There are also different application deadlines for different courses at one university!
  2. Please send us your application as early as possible in order to comply with the application deadlines! In general, you can submit your application to uni-assist during the whole year.  However, we are only able to process a new application when we are made aware of the new requirements stipulated, and study courses offered, by our universities for the semester in which you are looking to begin studying.
  3. Please note that the date of receipt is the day on which your application documents have all been received and on which the payment has been received. That means that missing documents that have to be sent subsequently have to arrive at uni-assist before the application deadline! Unfortunately, applications arriving after the application deadline have to be rejected.
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