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Application procedure step by step


If you want to apply for admission to one of the uni-assist member universities, please follow these guidelines:

  • Gather information at the chosen university
    There are number of questions you should definitely clear up before sending your application to uni-assist.
  • You will need an application form
    For applying for admission to a university you need an "Application Form for Admission to Studies for Foreign Applicants", which you have to fill in completely and send together with the rest of your application documents to uni-assist. This application form can be filled in, saved to disk, printed and transferred electronically using our online application service.
  • Please send us authenticated copies AND authenticated translations of your academic records
    When applying for admission through uni-assist, you always have to attach all certificates documenting your qualifications stated in the application form. Please note that if you choose to apply to several universities, we only need each individual document once!
  • Transfer the processing fee
    It is important to pay the right amount of money for the processing of your application and to fill in the transfer form correctly!
  • Send your application to uni-assist
    After collecting all required documents and paying the processing fee, send your application to uni-assist. Even if you are applying online, you must send your application documents in paper format to uni-assist before the application deadline.
  • Wait for a message from uni-assist
    As soon as your application documents and money arrive, uni-assist will begin processing your application. It usually takes about two weeks – a month at the most – to inform you of the result of the processing.
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